The Ural Winter suits my clothes…

The Ural Winter Vinyl LPs Now Available Online…

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Two years since the day I recorded it, I am pleased to announce that you can now buy The Ural Winter vinyl LP from my Bandcamp site.

Happy birthday to The Ural Winter!


ATL Review of The Ural Winter Launch Show

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BBC Radio Ulster’s Across the Line have reviewed the album launch show. Sara Larkham writes,

“The stage is packed with talented musicians, including allies from the making of the album, and it makes for a beautiful arrangement. As the crowd listen attentively, McShane and friends make their way through the album without any major hiccups, engaging us throughout. There is a real analogue atmosphere tonight, which makes it special.”

Read it in full here.

Thank you Sara.


Chordblossom Review of The Ural Winter Launch Show

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The lovely folks at Chordblossom have written a review of The Ural Winter launch.

” Tonight is proof that if you are talented and keep plugging away eventually you will get the success you deserve. A thoroughly enjoyable performance from Tom and his very talented band, I would advise you to check out his new album you won’t be disappointed.”

You can read the full review here.

Thank you, Mr Robert Brown, so glad you enjoyed it!


Live Review of The Ural Winter Album Launch Show…

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Iain Todd of The Big List had these incredibly kind words to say on the subject of the album launch. My favourite thing about this review is that it’s as much a review of the album itself as it of the show.

“A lot of things about this album and performance deny expectation. Far from the clichéd cacophony of Belfast’s many ‘rock’ bands, McShane’s music is diverse, challenging and, well, different…One of the first things you notice about McShane’s music is its haunting, echoic quality. Trippy, fuzzy guitar riffs are blended with a good balance of strings and brass, creating a folk music which pertains ever-so-slightly to classical and jazz. A relatively accurate comparison for the as-yet-uninitiated might be Fleet Foxes: intricate and intelligent, electrified and trippy.”

Read the full review here…

Slow Thrills Review of The Ural Winter

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Thank you to Jonathan at Slow Thrills for this lovely review.

“Thirteen musicians take part, and although the band is dominated by guitar, drums and piano, there are some great horn and string arrangements which complement the songwriting beautifully. The words and melodies are never overwhelmed and at the heart of it Tom’s voice sounds sad and fragile.”

Read the full review here…

AU Review The Ural Winter Launch Show

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AU Magazine had some very nice things to say about the album launch show.

You can read the full review here.

Of The Ural Winter itself, AU’s Adele Feenan has this to say, “It’s one of the most exciting local albums that this writer has heard in… well, ages.” Thank you Adele, this makes me very happy indeed.


Thank You

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I would like to thank everyone who braved the suitably wintery weather on Friday to come to the launch of The Ural Winter. It was an incredibly special night for me, I hope it was for you too.

Thank you all.

Tom x

The Ural Winter is Here! Album Launch Show *TONIGHT*

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Today is the Day
It’s hard to believe the day has finally arrived, the launch of my album, The Ural Winter has been such a long time coming. The album itself was recorded nearly two years ago and at times I thought it would never see the light of day. But with the help, support and encouragement of Mr Davy Matchett and the good people at Third Bar Artist Developement the album is now available.

Right now I’m so excited about the day ahead, we’ve a big show tonight in the Oh Yeah Music Centre (the folks there have been so massively supportive during this project) which will see us presenting the album in full, from start to finish with a 12 piece band including brass & strings. I’ll be honest though, as well as the excitement & joy I’m also experiencing a plethora of other emotions, not least of which is abject terror. What if no one comes? What if lots of people come and I mess it up? These are normal I guess, and something most of you performers are there will understand only too well.

The time has come to put that fear to one side, to dig in and make this day count. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to play with many of the musicians who performed on the album again as well as some new colleagues too. It’s a great honour and privelige to get to perform with such wonderful players and to them I say, “Thank you for your time, patience and support, I’ll never forget it.” This is going to be fun.

I’m enormously proud of the album we will be presenting tonight. Myself and Producer Rocky O’Reilly worked so many hours together planning it, then more still mixing it, and Rocky deserves so much credit for the album. It was a joy to work with him, as always. You can listen for yourself right now on Spotify or buy on ITunes and other digital media sites. The album will also be avaialbe on 12″ vinyl (including a download code).

What’s left to say? This album is very personal to me. I very much hope you enjoy it.

Electric Mainline on BBC Radio Foyle
If you missed Electric Mainline last night, I performed acoustic versions of Fighter & Love is Hard from album and did a wee interview about it as well. You can catch it here. Thank you, Mr Stephen McCauley. I hope you enjoy!

Gifted Live Performance
A reminder that you can still see our performance from our Gifted Live session, recorded a few weeks ago. We recorded a total of three songs from The Ural Winter two of which you can now view on their website.

Check out the album’s title track & My Nadir. Or performance of One Man Band will follow soon.

Across the Line
On Monday night BBC Radio Ulster’s Across the Line broadcast an interview/package about me & the record. Also on the show was the wonderful Duke Special performing live in the studio as well as new music from Third Man Theme and loads more. You can listen here. Thank you to Paul McClean.

That was the news.
As always, most sincere thanks for reading.


Tom McShane
Album Launch Show
Fri 22nd June
w/ support from VerseChorusVerse
Third Bar DJs
Doors: 8.30pm
Admission: £4
Fully Licenced Bar

Ural Winter Album Review…

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Here’s a lovely review of The Ural Winter on the Bandscape Gardener blog.

“McShane sounds a little like Elliot Smith with an ever so slight Ulster lilt to his voice, and what a sweet combination it turns out to be.”

Thank you, sir!

The Ural Winter Album Launch Show

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

At long last we give you The Ural Winter. The album will be on sale in digital form & on limited edition 12″ vinyl from Friday 22nd of June & we will be marking the occasion with a special & complete performance of the album in full.

The performance will be held in the Oh Yeah Centre, in the very same room where this unique album was created.

Doors are at 8.30pm & admission is £4.

Support TBA.

You can listen to the album for free right now at Hotpress & AU